Pegasus Pony Parties


How much room do I need?

Sarah and her ponies don’t need much room just a small yard, driveway or even a nature strip can be suitable. 

 We can inspect it prior to the day or you can send us a photo. 

Have you got public liability and working with children check? 

Yes Pegasus Pony Parties have full public liability.

Sarah also has a current working with children registration.

Are the ponies well trained and safe with the kids?

Pegasus ponies are trained to withstand just about anything i.e. running children, popping balloons, loud noise etc.  

Safety of the children and the ponies is Sarah’s no 1 priority.

What if it rains?

We can still turn up in any weather, Sarah and her ponies are accustomed to all sorts of weather. If it is light intermittent rain we would suggest that the children bring their raincoats however if it is steady rain or more it can really put a dampener on the party (pardon the pun), therefore we would suggest the following..  

 A carport or shed that has enough room to "swing a pony"! OR we can change your party to our Magical Pegasus package where we only need minimal space OR postpone the party to a more suitable day OR cancel with a full refund of your payment.