Party with a pony at your place!



 With 20 years experience as a horsemanship instructor, 10 years working in early childhood, a mother of two and a seasoned singer/performer Sarah Joy has combined all these passions and created Pegasus Pony Parties. Her passion shines through and you can rest assured that Sarah her assistants and her gorgeous ponies will treat your child/ren with loving hearts and expert hands and hoofs!!

Our ponies are “free range” and kept as close to natural as possible. They are not rugged so they can grow their beautiful thick warm winter coats which is so much healthier for them. They live in large paddocks with their horse family and they love to roll in the mud!! This does create a bit more work when preparing them for the parties! however. their health and well being is our no 1 priority

Brother and sister team !

The Party Ponies  Prince Digger and Princess Athena

Our new additions to the team !for the toddlers we would like to introduce Bella (left) and her son Winnie ! We like to keep it a family affair with Athena and Digger brother and sister !












3 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hello Leisa thankyou for your enquiry. We only do about 3 public local events per year and the next one is the Buninyong Good Life festival in October however if I can answer any questions please let me know !
      Sarah Joy


  1. Hello Sarah.

    It has been a long time since we have been in touch and I apologise for that.

    I am occupied with studies and will have that chapter completed before the end of this year all being well.

    The reason I’m contacting you today is to enquire as to whether you have or know of suitable agistment for Mikasi and his companion for many years, Timmy.

    They are ‘naturally kept’ horses in full retirement, though they were last ‘working’ in equine assisted therapy with adults and children. This modality I would welcome continuation/ a return to once they are settled in their new field.

    They have been enjoying the space of ten acres to themselves, freely roaming.

    Can you point me in the direction to solve this problem we currently face? Expensive agistment with tiny enclosures would not suit. Until Equine Assisted Therapy re-establishes itself I may only be with the horses twice a month due to current financial and time constraints.

    You are the first person to come to my mind and I look forward to receiving a reply from you.

    Best wishes. . Sarah.


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