Our Trusty handlers !!

Thankyou to Alkira who helped at her very first Pony Party just recently with such competence and responsibility, she  worked wonders on helping one little girl calm her nerves and brave her very first ride!! She was so gentle and patient with her. Alkira has horses at home and has also been caring for a rescued brumby who had hardly been touched by human hands ! and each day with loads of patience and gentleness Alkira is gaining his trust little by little to the point now he comes up to her and she can pat him, I was very impressed with the way she can be just in the moment with him and have no agenda or expectations !

Alkira and her pony Sky !

Alkira and her pony Sky !

Audrie our no 1 helper  has clocked up a few parties now and is very confident and so friendly with the children and the ponies and has her own big horses that she rides and jumps and is working towards her first competition on her ex racing Standardbred “”Summer who she is retraining  and doing such a great job ! Audries confidence is soaring and she is passionate and dedicated !

Audrie and Summer !!

Audrie and Summer !!

We are so fortunate to have such fantastic helpers !

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